Welcome to Resilence and Change Counseling.

Resilience and Change Counseling, PLLC is a professional counseling group that seeks to combine clinical expertise with cultural sensitivity in order to provide exceptional psychological care and services to our clients.

We are guided by the principle that people are not defined by their problems or symptoms. Rather, problems and symptoms are a result of our thwarted efforts to best cope with life’s challenges. Current brain research confirms that we are wired for connection and healing. We believe by creating a foundation of integrity and respect for individuals and families and utilizing evidence-based strategies, we can help you harness your resilience and create lasting change.

Our professional staff is informed by current psychological research and is highly trained in various modalities including AEDP, ISDTP, Emotion Focused Couples Treatment, Family Systems and Mindfulness Based Therapies.

We believe you are the expert on you. We are committed to fostering your empowerment. Together, we can collaborate to bring you closer to meeting your goals and living life more fully.

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